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We Develop your Video App

Glamourfone SL can now offer Android app development as a fully managed hosted video streaming solution. If you have

great video content that you would like to monetize contact us now. We can develop native Android video streaming apps

for your content as a pay per download or free ad funded app for distribution to your operator sales channels and

Android app stores.

Fully branded to your requirements we can offer you exceptional prices for your video app development needs.

  • Branded apps to your requirements.
  • Pay per download model.
  • Free ad funded and we can integrate your app with the mobile ad network you prefer.
  • Fast MPEG4 video streaming from our servers.
  • Apps run on all Android phones and tabs from OS1.6 and higher.
  • Dynamic video content rotation and channel options.
  • Delivered to you tested and ready to deploy.

Please use the contact form below for App Development requests.

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